At EPS we endeavour to reduce material cost whilst at the same time maintaining the flexibility required in order to produce at short lead times and respond to fluctuations in customer demand or market forces. Our inventory management software optimises held stock levels to minimise the liability of excess inventory wherever possible utilising our Supply Chain Partners capabilities to provide the best solutions for our customers. Our flexibility and agile approach to supply chain management delivers a responsive service for all customers.

EPS has a flexible approach to SCM and by working in partnership with our suppliers and customers we are able to operate a ny of the following methods:-

  • • Process Mapping 
  • • Full Turnkey Service
  • • Full Procurement Service
Customer Supplied Material Only (Free Issue Kits)

Presenting a unified supply chain that is adaptive and responsive to continuous change we assist our customers to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive world.

PCB Assembly
Continued investment in people, technology and expertise in process within our manufacturing facility has enabled us to assemble a wide range of mixed technologies including conventional PTH, SMT and flexible technology BGA placement. This approach has enabled us to deliver to customers' requirements - in terms of flexibility, responsiveness, quality and lead-times.

Two SMT lines and full PTH capability provide ‘flexible manufacturing’ solutions to our comprehensive experience and knowledge of manufacturing, enabling us to facilitate product build containing both surface mount and conventional through hole technologies.

The process of solder paste printing is critical, which our DEK automatic printers achieve accurately and consistently. Having built-in, automatic optical inspection for verification, "GridLok" PCB supports, and "ProActiv" for ultra-fine pitch printing.

Component placement is carried out by both Universal GSM FlexHead and flexJet series placers and complimented with a Mirea chip shooter enabling us to place components 0201 specifications

Solder paste reflow is carefully profiled and processed using both ERSA HotFlow and Novastar reflow ovens. We operate lead free processes as standard conforming to the requirements of RoHS, and leaded manufacturing capability for those products and markets that are exempt from lead free legislation

Our SMT processes are supported by experienced technicians, using the latest technology equipment for process set-up and verification. All SMT assemblies are inspected, using off-line AOI systems. First-off verification is assisted using "iScan" inspection, with Mantis Vision Systems and Ersa Scope available for fine pitch inspection. Automated optical inspection systems deliver reliable and repeatable results ensuring that our manufactured products proceed to the next stage defect free.

PCBs and assemblies that cannot be inspected using our AOI system are examined by our professionally trained team Quality Inspectors.  Working to IPC-610 Class 3 and using their skills and experience gained over many years, we aim to minimise the opportunity for error and maximise consistency.
Auto Insertion of both Axial and Radial volume Through Hole assemblies can be handled on our Universal equipment. Machine programming and component sequences can be generated in house. Where the bare PCB (or panel) shape allows, EPS can utilise adjustable tooling plates on all our insertion machines. This has the benefit of reducing initial costs for our customers.

Box Build
Complementing our PCB-level assembly services EPS’s box build assembly and mechanical engineering capability is integral to our turnkey electronics manufacturing as part of a comprehensive array of electro-mechanical assembly, cabinet assembly and full system integration service.
EPS are experienced in and can provide the following unit or sub assembly services.

  • • Chassis / sub unit assembly.
  • • Full unit assembly.
  • • Cable and harness assemblies.
  • • Product Configuration.
  • • Medium to High volume unit build.

Cable and Wire Looms
EPS has a breadth of experience gained producing simple point-to-point cables and straightforward looms, to multi-component assemblies and complex looms. We can process cable from 36AWG to 6AWG for use in demanding environments, including medical, surgical or high-end audio.
Whether your requirement is for a single single-ended wire or a full harness complete with connectors, switches and fuses, you can be confident that we will provide a high-quality service, right first time.
Dedicated wiring cells feature automatic cable cut and strip machines designed for quantities from low volume complex harnesses through to medium volume cable assemblies. We can accommodate various cable types, including coaxial - and have several automatic crimp machines for a host of manufacturers, such as JST, Harting and Amp. Cable assemblies are continuity tested before shipment.

To support the bespoke service level agreements we have in place for our clients, we offer a wide range of outbound logistics solutions to guarantee products are delivered on-time and in-full
With our solid experience of logistic solutions and aftercare services we work with you to develop solutions that are right for your business. Where some service providers focus on the design and marketing of their products EPS not only focuses on manufacturing but ensures delivery of your products, when you need them, where you need them anywhere in the United Kingdom. This is supported by our trained customer services team that takes care of transport management and logistics documentation ensuring that the logistics solution you chose delivers value.

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