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Established in 2009, Electronic Process Solutions Ltd. are a privately owned Specialist Contract Electronics Manufacturer, consistently delivering high quality, flexible manufacturing and PCB assembly solutions. Specializing in Surface Mount Assembly with facilities in the North East of England and with over 25 years of experience in printed circuit board assembly. We use cutting edge equipment and modern production methods to consistently deliver high quality, flexible manufacturing and PCB assembly solutions coupled with a highly competitive cost structure.

EPS offers a comprehensive range of Contract Electronics Manufacturing services tailored to meet the demands of customers both large and small including traditional (PTH) and Surface Mount (SMT) PCB assembly. The later features 2 fully integrated lines when working at full capacity allows us to achieve a combined figure of 25,000 component placements per hour. Specialising in low to medium volumes, we are committed to delivering best in class contract electronics manufacturing services. We also offer component procurement, box build and much more.

EPS believe that a proven flexibility, responsiveness and focus towards our customer’s needs are just a few of the factors that differentiate this Electronics Manufacturing Service Provider from our industry peers.

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visit FSB's website